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Ten Life Hacks to Stay Mentally Strong

Perhaps the most ideal approach to achieve mental strength is to discover tips to keep you energised maintain positivity and create habits and abilities which will help push you ahead so that you can feel good about what you are doing in your life. Meanwhile, building mental strength is essential so that you won't be left feeling tired and exhausted. Here are a few life hacks which can help you build your mental strength. 1. Stop The Negative Thoughts: Commit yourself to stop any negative thoughts you have about yourself and increase the nice things you say to yourself. It will help you in making stronger choices in life. 2. Start Being Happy: Start living the moment. To be truly happy, you need to practice being happy from the inside. You can do so by picking up a happy memory and give yourself in to that feeling of happiness. Thus, you will feel the joy and happiness mindfully. 3. Start Labelling Your Emotions: Putting a name to your emotions diminish their intensity. So whether

COVID-19 and Blockades

COVID-19 , declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, has claimed more than 190,000 cases and 5,000 deaths in some 162 countries. But, amid the state of alarm and with the priority of the authorities to contain its expansion, provide a correction of medical care, a moment of collective reflection opens those points towards a feasible social, economic and environmental transformation. It is very likely that in 2020 the reductions will be much greater. We can be talking about a 10% reduction in emissions due to the fall of coal and the effect of the great Coronavirus crisis. We will have to consider, in any case, how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last and how we emerged from the crisis. What is already being observed by means of satellites is the reduction of NOx, which is the most visible from space. The nitrogen dioxide emissions a reduction that, from January to March, is especially visible in northern Italy. That is a circumstance coinciding with the national blocka